Matchday Media Guide

All media enquiries and interview requests should, in the first instance, be directed to our PR Manager, Harrison Andrews via the form at the bottom of this page. Under no circumstances should media go directly to players, coaches or management and doing so could see co-operation with your organisation being withdrawn.

Ospreys Press Mailing List 

To be added to the Ospreys press mailing list to receive press releases and details of media opportunities please complete the form at the foot of this page with full details, stating the organisation you work for/represent, so that your request can be assessed fully. 

Weekly Press Conferences 

Ospreys Rugby hosts regular weekly press conferences throughout the season to provide interview and photo/filming opportunities ahead of each fixture, as well as ad-hoc opportunities. 

These usually take place at our Llandarcy training ground, the address of which is: 

Llandarcy Academy of Sport, Llandarcy, Neath, SA10 6FJ 

Details will be sent out on a regular basis to those listed on our mailing list.

Matchday Media Accreditation 

Due to changes implemented by the Stadium all requests for a press pass with parking permit should be submitted via the form below ONLY, by midday on Wednesday for a Friday match, or midday Thursday for a Saturday/Sunday game. 
While we will continue to accept accreditation requests without parking up until midday Thursday (Friday matches) or midday Friday (Saturday/Sunday matches), any requests for parking beyond the stated deadline will be refused. 

You will receive a response to your email advising as to your accreditation status no later than 24 hours before kick-off.  If your travel plans require an earlier confirmation please state this clearly in an email. If you do not receive a response after this time then you should not assume you are accredited.  

Please be aware that under NO circumstances will text messages or telephone calls be accepted as an accreditation request. You MUST send an email to the appropriate address. Changes to security procedures at the Stadium mean you face the embarrassment of being refused entry to the media area if not properly accredited. 
We have limited media parking at the Stadium, and passes will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  If you are not allocated a parking permit you should use the stadium “park and walk” facility opposite the entrance to Stadium, a short walk to the media entrance. 

Procedure On Arrival At The Stadium

If travelling by car and you have been allocated a parking pass then you should enter the stadium car park through the main entrance at the Morfa Retail Park end of the ground, adjacent to the Harvester and Frankie & Benny's restaurants, from where you will be directed to the appropriate parking spot. 
Once you have parked your car you should enter the stadium through the correct signed entrance. You should now utilise the designated Media Entrance to the right hand side of Main Reception, which is clearly signed on your approach. 

Main Reception is to be kept a sterile area and media passes will no longer gain you entry to this part of the stadium. Exit will be via the same route as entry. 

Please note that entry to the stadium, the media room or press box will not be possible until 2hrs prior to kick-off unless by prior arrangement.

Facilities Available At The Press Box 

Each seat has two power points under the desk. There is also free Internet access, either via your own Cat 5 cable or the stadiums wireless internet system. An Internet address will be automatically assigned as soon as you establish a connection. 
Please note that the media seating in the press box is unreserved and will be available on a first come, first served basis. If the main press box is full there is additional seating available on the concourse area between the first and second tiers. 
You can arrange for specific ISDN/ telephone lines to be installed in advance of the match and at your own cost.  Please contact us on the form below to coordinate installation.
You should allow a minimum of 72 hours notice to allow this to be arranged (96 hours for Sunday fixtures).

Specific Arrangements For Photographers 

 Wireless internet access is available in the bowl area and the Media Room is also available throughout the match. 
We politely ask that you respect our advertisement boards, the players and our supporters when moving around the stadium.  You should also be careful not to go on the playing surface and should not position yourself in front of any boards. 
Ahead of European Cup fixtures a photographers brief will take place one hour before kick off in the Media Room. Attendance is compulsory. Failure to attend could see you being refused admission.

Post Match Interviews

Players and coaches from both sides will be made available in the Media Room post-match as speedily as possible. The Reception area must be kept clear at all times and you will not be allowed to congregate in this space. 

Broadcast teams should note that the Tunnel area is not to be used as a ’short cut’. Staff that are not part of the team working in the tunnel should use the concourse entrance to access the media room. 

Rights holding radio broadcasters accessing post-match interviews should note that they will be able to enter/exit the tunnel at pitchside after the final whistle but will not be allowed to enter/exit through reception 

Post Match Write-Ups 

The Stadium is open 24 hours and you are welcome to use the Press box or Media Room for however long is required after the match. 

Social Media Guidelines  

Communication with our supporters is the lifeblood of the Ospreys and something we value highly.  However, we also realise the need to draw the line on online abuse, hate and discrimination on social media platforms. 

Ospreys Rugby’s social media accounts are intended to be a place to connect, share experiences and to have a healthy debate with one another. 

We strive to create a safe and positive community on our social media channels, so we ask that all users heed the following Social Media Community Guidelines. 

We encourage you to comment and interact with our social media accounts, as we want to build a positive and supportive online community. We welcome questions and comments, including constructive feedback and suggestions. We also understand that frustration and criticism is a part of professional sport, but please remember to stay on topic and be respectful with what you post. 

To make this possible, we ask people to follow the guidelines below while interacting on our social media channels: 

•            Be respectful of others and their opinions. 

•            Do not make personal attacks in your comments towards players, coaches, staff, supporters or others. 

•            Do not post content that is discriminatory, obscene, inflammatory, harassing, hateful, threatening, profane or personally abusive. 

•            If an accusation is made against a named person at the Ospreys, for example at a member of staff or a player, that is libellous or defamatory we will take action. 

•            Do not post content with explicit or technical detail of self-harm or suicide. 


To help us address this we have adopted the following approach: 

Yellow Card 

We understand that in the heat of the moment, we make comments that we don’t necessarily mean which ends up causing harm or offence. With this in mind, users who don’t follow our social media guidelines will be given a warning and directed to this page. 

Unlike on the field, Ospreys Rugby will allow two yellow cards to occur with the third resulting in a red card and a ban from all our channels. 

Red Card 

If a user, repeatedly violates our social media guidelines after being warned by a member of our team, they will be blocked. 

The following actions will result in an immediate ban: 

  • Threats of violence or harm towards any member of staff or player. 

  • Spam accounts/Bots who repeatedly post adverts and links to websites not approved by Ospreys Rugby 

•            Do not post adverts for commercial products or services. 

•            Do not post repeatedly about issues that are off-topic i.e. spam 

On Facebook and Instagram we use filters to automatically hide obscenities and will use our own discretion to hide comments that go against these guidelines. If we do so, we will comment to let you know this is the case, unless your comments have repeatedly contravened the policy and we have explained this to you previously. 

Your comment may still be visible to you, but won't be visible to others using the site. On rare occasions, we may block users from the page if the nature of their comments does not change, but we will always warn you of this and highlight our commenting guidelines before doing so. Facebook's general community guidelines should also be considered when using the site. 

We’d also like to remind you that any threats or implication of violence or harm may result in the Ospreys blocking a user permanently. In some extreme instances, Ospreys may seek legal counsel and seek criminal prosecution. 

If you see something that doesn't seem right on any of our social media platforms do try and make us aware by contacting us directly on social media.